Tips & tricks to use Smart Free Photo Resizer.

How to Convert Photos in One Batch?


Smart Free Photo Resizer is also a simple batch image and photo conversion program that converts separate images into different graphic formats in accordance with the set parameters. In this way, you can make them suitable for uploading to the web and emailing.

1. Input Photos

Click "Add File(s)" or "Add Folder" to import the photos or the folder containing the photos you want to process. You can also drag them to or copy and paste them to the file queue. After you input the photos, you can see some details of the photos like filename, location, size date created & date modified. If you click on a photo listed, you can preview it on the right with more info like file type, dimensions & color mode.

Input Photos

2. Choose Conversion Settings

Click "Browse..." and you can choose the output folder. By default, the output folder is the same as the source folder. In the "Output Format" menu, you can choose the image format you want and click "Encoder Settings..." to adjust compression, quality, color mode, etc. of the format you choose.

Choose Conversion Settings

3. Start Processing

Click "Convert" to start conversion. You can see a "Status" window showing the conversion info of the photo being processed and the overall progress bar. When the conversion is complete, you can click "Open output folder" in the prompted window to directly find your converted photos.

Start Processing

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